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There may never be a better time to see if preparing tax returns is a career that works for you.

At the present time the only requirement to prepare taxes is to obtain a PTIN through the IRS.  Taking our course will get you ready with the knowledge to prepare taxes.  Our classes are a simple, convenient way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about taxes but were too afraid to ask. Our income tax preparation course can help you master your annual return and even lead to a potential job.

We hope you decide to join us in this exciting and rewarding field.

 Our "Hands On" 6-8 week online course teaches the basic income tax laws and how to apply them.


Your New Career In Tax Preparation

Get started on your new career today and explore your potential.

High in demand job
Not every job can offer security, but tax preparation is something nearly everyone needs help with at some point, which means tax prep professionals will always be in high demand.

You could work full-time, part-time, seasonally, or to supplement another profession.

Job Stability
Tax preparation can provide you with employment for the rest of your life.

Lifelong Knowledge
The knowledge and skills you develop can be used to help yourself and your family as well as your clients.

Professional status 
We Also Offer Quality Software

Fast Track to Certification
Earning your certificate in tax preparation is as easy as taking a 6-8 Week Class and taking an online “open book” test.

College Library


An Exceptional Learning Experience

Teachers at Are You A Future Tax Pro? Tax Class will go out of their way to engage their students and inspire them to enquire and learn. This class gives our students a chance to apply their unique skills and expand their horizons by learning something new. Hurry up - there are limited places available in this popular class! Contact us today to learn more.

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